The Liberal Grand Lodge of Serbia is a liberal Masonic organization dedicated to the material and moral advancement, intellectual and social progress of Humanity. Through the examples of its members, it nurtures and practices tolerance, humanitarian work and humanism. Faithful to its noble mission, the LGLS is a defender of deep democratic ideals, emphasizing the importance of democracy, human rights, secularism and social solidarity. The basic principles are truth, mutual tolerance, respect for oneself as well as the others, the freedom of will, absolute freedom of conscience, thought and expression, and inviolability of human rights. As an organization of Liberal Masonic orientation, the Lodge rejects any dogmatic limitations.

By promoting the highest values of liberal freemasonry, the Liberal Grand Lodge of Serbia advocates for European and highest civilizational values, and for Serbia in the EU.


At the Ceremony held on 13.03.2020 in Belgrade, in the presence of guests, the Grand Orient of Austria, the Grand Orient of Romania, and the Grand Orient of Slovenia brought the Masonic light and handed over the Patent, by which the Liberal Grand Lodge of Serbia – LGLS was established according to Masonic rules.

The Liberal Grand Lodge of Serbia is the first legally established, officially and internationally recognized liberal Masonic organization on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, recognized in all other countries according to the rules of liberal and adogmatic Freemasonry.


The Liberal Grand Lodge of Serbia consists of members, male and female, connected through Lodges as independent masonic workshops that can be male, female or mixed.

The work and internal organization of the Liberal Grand Lodge of Serbia are governed by general acts: the Statute, which is the highest legal act adapted to the basic requirements of the positive legal regulations of the Republic of Serbia that regulate the work of citizens’ associations, then, the Constitution, which is the highest internal legal act that regulates and elaborates the organization and relations in LVLS, as well as the General Rulebook of the Order, which more closely regulates the work of freemasons.

The Liberal Grand Lodge of Serbia is registered as an association of citizens in the Agency for Economic Registers of the Republic of Serbia by Decision No. BU 3884/2020.