Message from the Grand Master

The main goal of liberal freemasonry is the improvement of man as an independent and social creature capable of living a morally correct and constructive life. Liberal Freemasons believe that fulfillment and happiness on a personal, individual level can only be achieved in a democratic and just society built on solid humanistic foundations. On the other hand, a healthy society can only be built with the proactive participation of citizens capable of expressing their views and needs responsibly. From the perspective of liberal Freemasonry, there is little difference between working for personal advancement and improvement, and purposeful action towards understanding and solving the current social problems around us. Freemasonry is explicitly linked to the pursuit of this dual goal: the improvement of both man and society and not just pure introspection with the use of symbols and rituals.

Today, as in other critical moments in the history of the world, freemasons, especially those who belong to the liberal Masonic direction, due to the universality of their values and the strength of their ethical principles, have a role of special importance in Serbia, Europe, and the world.

Freedom, equal rights, and opportunities for all people, regardless of origin, class, skin color, gender, religion, and democratic and legal state systems that respect human rights and rule according to valid laws, have been tested again through the accumulation of new challenges and problems of the modern era.

Bad economic policies of many countries, de-industrialization of Europe, over-indebtedness of national economies, environmental pollution, global climate change, migration, global pandemic, corruption at state levels, armed conflicts - all these promote critical imbalances that put humanity at risk and facilitate the germination of anti-democratic ideas that seem like easy solutions to the problems we all face, as well as globalization, which despite also having positive elements, currently only increases the consequences of the pandemic and war on a planetary scale, and seriously affects everyone, including the citizens of Serbia.

No human being is protected or immune to the harmful effects of the times in which we live. It is time for Freemasonry to contribute without delay to reversing the course of ever-increasing destruction and degradation of humanity. This primarily refers to the preservation of the positive traditions and cultures of our societies, human dignity, economic stability, and justice, as well as the preservation of our planet as an eco-system that is the support and basis of all life on Earth.

Despite the fact that Freemasonry represents a storehouse of ideals that is not affected by time or current popularity, it is always progressive and faces the challenge of important changes taking place in modern reality - "classic is modernity that lasts".

As Freemasons, we must never forget the weight of the responsibility we bear in preserving and nurturing the moral values of our society, which are the basis and foundation of any prosperous and healthy community.

The purpose of this online presentation is to, through a brief presentation of the history, principles, values, organization, practice and perspectives of the Liberal Grand Lodge of Serbia, present to the visitors this direction in the development of freemasonry, about which little has been written so far, not only in our country but also in the world.

M:.W:. Vladimir Markovic, Grand Master