Foreign Relations LGLS

Liberal Grand Lodge of Serbia is a regular member of the several international masonic organizations like
C.L.I.P.S.A.S. (Centre de Liaison et d’Information des Puissances maconniques Signataires de l’Appel de Strasbourg), A.A.C.E.E. (Adogmatic Association of Central and Eastern Europe) i M.U.B. (Masonic Unio of Balkans)

Membership in these international organizations enables LGLS freemasons to have their voice heard in important decision-making centers at various levels, where they can make a positive contribution to solving many pressing social issues.

The Liberal Grand Lodge of Serbia signed agreements of friendship and mutual recognition and cooperates with a large number of Obediences in Europe and across the world. Regular mutual visits and exchange of views are only part of the many aspects of cooperation on issues of common interest.

The Obediances which have signed agreements of friendship and mutual recognition with LGLS are the following:

Grand Orient of Austria
Grand Orient of Romania
Grand Orient of Slovenia
Grand Orient of Estonia
Souveräne Gross-Orient von Deutschland
Humanitas Grand Lodge for Women and Men in Germany
Grand National Lodge of Canada
Gran Oriente Latinoamericano
Grand National Lodge of Croatia,
International Masonic Order Delphi
Grand Universal Lodge of Bulgaria
Grande Loja Simbolica de Portugal
Grand Orient of Poland
Grande Loge Mixte De Memphis-Misraim
Gran Logia Simbolica Espanola
Grande Oriente Lusitano
Grande Loja Unida do Parana
La Gran Logia Del Norte De Colombia
Grande Oriente Iberico
Most Worshipful Omega Grand Lodge AF&AM New York
Grand Orient De Canaan
Grande Loge Mixte du Liban

Grand Lodge Francaise de Misraim
Serenisme Grand Orient de Grece
Gran Oriente de Chile
Grand Oriente Nacional Mexicano
Grand Lodge Hiram Abif (USA)
Grand Orient People of Russia
Grand Lodge of Albania Iliria

At this time ten more Treaties of Amity are in the process of signing.